Lonely Ocean Studios

is a Sydney based,
software design and technology start-up.

What’s in a name, why Lonely Ocean Studios?

Like in an ocean, you are never truly alone in a society. If you look you will always find life. It’s an intentional misnomer, an illusion, a metaphor for the creative process, the need for solitude to reflect deeply and create concise thoughts.

A lonely ocean can be a confronting existential experience or serene majestic one.

Upcoming Project

A way to plan activities and connect with those you care about.

A relaxed messenger service.

Less interruptions.

Release date by invitation only on Android is April 2023.

Future Projects

Simple reliable apps that do the thing you need done and let you get back to your life.

Beautiful apps that put you first.

A place to be rewarded for constructive feedback.

An opportunity to vote on the development direction.


Launching with a paid service without ads, the average customer spend is estimated to be $1 per month. Advertising corrupts the customer experience. You don’t need another company selling your information on data markets. There are enough services in existence with advertising if that’s what you desire.

Beholden to our customers not the advertisers.

You are a customer not a user.

Fair and equal access.

You pay for what you use.

You connect with who you choose.

Join the team

Are you in software development or design? You must be self sufficient for the next six months or until the company makes a profit or the company receives further funding. The priority for the distribution of profits will be to those who have invested time not capital to relieve the burden of being self reliant.

You must be in a position to afford the risk financially, but also the type of person that expects fair remuneration as soon as the opportunity arises. Lonely Ocean Studios is not a charity and would never expect that of you.

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Invest in Lonely Ocean Studios

Lonely Ocean Studios is a bootstrapped private company. The focus is developing a financially self-sustaining product rather than chasing funding rounds or an IPO.

Although not actively seeking funding, channels of enquiry are open. If you are venture capital or a sophisticated investor and interested in hearing more,

Enquires to

Website updated monthly.

Social media will be used to make announcements, not for public engagement or discourse. Individual concerns may be addressed privately or responded to more generally publicly.

ACN 644 131 448
ABN 54 644 131 448

Level 2/11 York St, Sydney 2000