Lonely Ocean Studios

Developing distributed, mobile-client-based scheduling software. The goal is to mediate the limitations of choosing a non-relational database model by moving queries to the client. Designed to be integrated into PaaS products with minimal computation required on the server side.

Optimised for scheduling and applying logic operators(OR, AND, NOT, XOR) on large sets, with sharding and concurrency a key consideration for the definition of a successful solution.

What’s in a name, why Lonely Ocean Studios?

Like in an ocean, you are never truly alone in a society. If you look you will always find life. It’s an intentional misnomer, an illusion, a metaphor for the creative process, the need for solitude to reflect deeply and create concise thoughts.

A lonely ocean can be a confronting existential experience or serene majestic one, now is the time to look back into the ocean in search of life, co-founders, investors and early adopters.

Join the team

Looking for iOS, Android, Firebase and web developers, that believe they have what it takes to be co-founders. The priority for the distribution of early profits will be to those who have invested time, not capital to relieve the burden of being self reliant and ensure the company is sustainable.

You must be in a position to afford the risk financially, but also the type of person that expects fair remuneration as soon as the opportunity arises. Lonely Ocean Studios is not a charity and would never expect that of you.

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Invest in Lonely Ocean Studios

Lonely Ocean Studios is a bootstrapped private company. The focus is developing a financially self-sustaining product rather than chasing funding rounds or an IPO.

Although not actively seeking funding, channels of enquiry are open. If you are venture capital and interested in hearing more,

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ACN 644 131 448
ABN 54 644 131 448